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Human amp; Resource Training Development

If you have recently moved to Colorado and you live in Denver County, you must register your vehicle at one of our DMV branch offices within 90 days from establishing Colorado residency. For information about where to register outside Denver County, visit the State of Colorado DMV website. If you are an existing colorado resident, but are moving into Denver County, see the registration checklist below. 

Colorado residency is established when you meet one of the following three criteria:

  1. You have obtained employment in Colorado.
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  3. You have resided in Colorado continuously for 90 days.
Not sure if you live in Denver County?

Verify that you are a Denver County resident by using the Address Checker tool below:

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Registration checklist for out of state vehicles

You must register in person at a Motor Vehicle office in the county where you reside. For information about where to register outside Denver County, visit the State of Colorado DMV Website. Visit our DMV branch offices page for Denver County DMV locations, hours and directions.

Human amp; Resource Training To shorten your wait and ensure same day service at the counter, please come prepared with the following documentation:

  • New owner identification (secure and verifiable) or designated power of attorney.
    Anyone other than a named owner must present a completed and notarized Form DR2175 Power of Attorney and their own identification (secure and verifiable)

  • Human amp; Resource Training One of the following three types of documents:
    Vehicle title in your name; or an original out-of-state registration no more than six months expired; or a vehicle record history on state letterhead from previous state of residence. 

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  • Emissions test.
    Human amp; Resource Training
    New Denver County residents must show proof of a passing Colorado vehicle emissions test. If you have recently purchased a vehicle, you are required to have a new emissions test, even if the current inspection report from the previous owner still has time on it. Vehicles that are 7 model years old or newer are exempt from emissions requirements. Newly purchased vehicles still qualify for the exemption as long as there are at least 12 months remaining in the exemption. For emissions testing locations visit Air Care Colorado.

  • Proof of automobile insurance coverage. 
    Insurance card, copy of insurance policy or letter from your insurance company on the company's letterhead including a description of the vehicle with the following information: year, make, model, vehicle identification number (VIN),effective date and expiration date of the policy.

    New residents to the State of Colorado must have a complying insurance policy on their vehicle pursuant to C.R.S. 42-3-105(1)(d) before the vehicle can be registered in Colorado. Out of state insurance policies cannot be accepted.

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  • Vehicle identification number (VIN) verification. A VIN verification is required if the seller has an out-of-state title. or the vehicle is purchased outside Colorado. A VIN inspector must complete a Verification Vehicle Identification Number form (DR 2698 from Colorado Department of Revenue). Denver Motor Vehicle will perform VIN verifications for $20.00 per vehicle. Learn more...

  • Payment. 
    Learn more about ownership tax and licensing fees so that you arrive to our office prepared. Also see fees for ordering specialty and personalized (vanity) plates.

**Note: Expect your new Colorado title to be mailed to you within 4 - 6 weeks upon registration of your vehicle.

Print checklist


Gifts, inheritances, family transfers

For information about how to transfer the ownership of a vehicle by gift, inheritance or through a family transfer of ownership, visit our page on title transfers.


Late fees

Human amp; Resource Training Registration renewals must be completed by vehicle owners within the expiration time frame including the one-month grace period, or late fees of $25 per month—up to a total of $100 per vehicle—will be assessed. Vehicles owners who have recently purchased a car must register their new vehicle within 60 days or late fees with be assessed beginning on the 61st day after the purchase date if vehicle is not registered.


April expiration (including one month grace period) will be good through the last business day of the month, by May 29*:

      Add $25 – on June 1, if not registered
      Add $50 – on July 1, if not registered
      Add $75 – on August 3, if not registered
      Add $100 – on September 1 or later if not registered

Total:  $100 in late fees

* The vehicle will also be subject to monthly back ownership tax and vehicle registration fees, which were due in April at the time of expiration.

Human amp; Resource Training

The penalty for late registration of any non-motorized vehicle that weighs more than 2,000 pounds but not more than 16,000 pounds, and any camper trailer or multi-purpose trailer regardless of its weight, is $10.

Example 1

March expiration (a month grace period) will be good through the last business day of the month, by April 30:

      Add $25 – on May1, if not registered
      Add $25 – on June 1, if not registered
      Add $10 – on July 1, if not registered

Total:  $60 in late fees

Human amp; Resource Training Example 2

July expiration (a month grace period) will be good through the last business day of the month, by August 31: 

      Add $10 – on Sept 1, if not registered

Total:  $10 in late fees


Buyer and seller tips

Get important information about selling or buying a vehicle such as why sellers need to remove their plates, or how you as a buyer can protect yourself from fraud by checking the title history. Visit our buyer and seller tips page.



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